David Gogo Vicksburg Call

David Gogo is excited to be announcing his 14th studio album today. It’s called Vicksburg Call, and it’s going to be coming out September 4th on Cordova Bay Records.

David about his new album…

I wanted this album to have more of a “band” feel to it, rather than just going into the studio and basically dictating the parts to the musicians. I also wanted as many songs as possible to have a very live feel and be easily transferrable to the stage.

In the time that has passed since the last album, there has been a lot of loss in my life with the passing of friends and colleagues in the world of music. There were many sad days, but also tears of joy when I think back at fond memories from my time on the road. Relationships can also have their ups and downs as the years pass by, and many of my new songs deal with this. I tried to write from many viewpoints of love and loss, reconciliation, regret, acceptance and hope for new horizons.

I had a lot of fun making Vicksburg Call and I’m really looking forward to taking it on the road and playing it live.

David Gogo

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