Release: Daniel Norgren – Live (Superpuma Records, 15 January 2021)

These are the recordings from that first & final tour of 2020 a.k.a Fab Four Feb Tour.

New arrangements and full band performances of songs from the past four Daniel Norgren releases (Buck, Alabursy, The Green Stone, Wooh Dang).

Daniel Norgren Live album

Daniel Norgren – Live

Label: Superpuma Records
Release date: 15 January 2021

01. Everything You Know Melts Away Like Snow (Live)
02. Howling Around My Happy Home (Live)
03. People Are Good (Live)
04. Music Tape (Live)
05. So Glad (Live)
06. Moonshine Got Me (Live)
07. Black Vultures (Live)
08. The Flow (Live)
09. Like There Was a Door (Live)

Live by Daniel Norgren

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