On December 4, Polydor Records will reissue ten collectible vinyl singles of Cream tracks within a library-worthy lid and tray Box storage container. The ten singles (list below) are mono, and represent original replicas from Atco, Polydor, and Reaction record labels. Each single is sleeved inside new sleeve designs.
The set is being referred to as The Singles 1967-1970.


Fifty years since the release of their first single, ‘Wrapping Paper’/‘Cat’s Squirrel’, legendary blues-rock trio Cream celebrate their entire UK and US singles output with the 10 x 7” box set The Singles: 1967-1970. Featuring long-deleted non-album outings such as the group’s aforementioned debut and ‘Anyone For Tennis’/‘Pressed Rat And Warthog’, alongside classic album sides including ‘Strange Brew’ and ‘White Room’, The Singles 1967-1970 is a collection of short, sharp blasts from one of rock’s finest ever collectives.

Formed in London in 1966, Eric Clapton, Jack Bruce and Ginger Baker worked up a rare alchemy that, even on the London blues-rock scene of the mid-to-late 60s, pushed boundaries to breaking point. With era-definition slabs of psychedelic blues such as Fresh Cream and Disraeli Gears bolstered by reputation-building live shows which saw the trio embark on lengthy jazz-, blues- and rock-fuelled musical explorations, Cream were an untouchable force both on the stage and in the studio.

By the time Cream formed, Clapton was fresh from stints with John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers and The Yardbirds, while Baker and Bruce had advanced from the ranks of the Graham Bond Organisation. The group’s 10 7” singles chart an exemplary musical trajectory through their career, and The Singles: 1967-1970 is a fitting tribute, boasting stunning picture sleeves and repro labels that bring those classic Atco, Reaction and Polydor releases back to life – in all their original mono glory.

Fresh Cream? It’ll be the best-sounding Cream you’ve ever heard. Released on 4 December 2015.

The Singles-1967-1970-Cream

Cream – The Singles: 1967-1970

10 x 7″ single box set

‘Wrapping Paper’/‘Cat’s Squirrel’ (Reaction 591007)
‘Feel Free’/‘NSU’ (Reaction 591011)
‘Spoonful – Part I’/‘Spoonful – Part II’ (Atco 6522)
‘Strange Brew’/‘Tales Of Brave Ulysses’ (Reaction 591015)
‘Anyone For Tennis’/‘Pressed Rat And Warthog’ (Polydor 56258)
‘Sunshine Of Your Love’/‘SWLABR’ (Polydor 56286)
‘White Room’/‘Those Were The Days’ (Polydor 56300)
‘Crossroads’/‘Passing The Time’ (Atco 6646)
‘Badge’/‘What A Bringdown’ (Polydor 56315)
‘Lawdy Mama’/‘Sweet Wine’ (Atco 6708)

10 x 7” singles from the original rock power trio. Cream blazed an indelible trail through the latter half of the ‘60s with their challenging and exquisite mélange of blues, pop and psychedelia. These tracks offered a window to the wilder, widescreen adventures of their long players and here they are in glorious mono with specially designed picture sleeves; a fitting tribute to the skills of the three players, and especially to Jack Bruce, who left us in October 2014.

* Original mono versions, deleted since 60s. 10 x 7” singles, picked from Reaction, Atco and Polydor labels.

* Each 7” single comes complete with a brand new exclusively designed picture sleeve.

* Housed in a rigid ‘lid-and-tray’ box, full colour and matt lamination.

* Standard weight, classic dinked vinyl.

* Cream collectors dream!

Single 1: Reaction 591007
Wrapping Paper 2.24
Cat’s Squirrel 2.59

Single 2: Reaction 591011
I Feel Free 2.48
NSU 2.43

Single 3: Atco 6522
Spoonful – Part I 2.25
Spoonful – Part II 2.28

Single 4: Reaction 591015
Strange Brew 2.45
Tales Of Brave Ulysses 2.50

Single 5: Polydor 56258
Anyone For Tennis 2.37
Pressed Rat And Warthog 3.12

Single 6: Polydor 56286
Sunshine Of Your Love 4.11

Single 7: Polydor 56300
White Room 4.58
Those Were The Days 2.52

Single 8: Atco 6646
Crossroads 4.16
Passing The Time 4.31

Single 9: Polydor 56315
Badge 2.43
What A Bringdown 3.56

Single 10: Atco 6708
Lawdy Mama 2.47
Sweet Wine 3.16

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