Cream ‘Goodbye Tour – Live 1968’ Box Set

Special edition 4CD box set out on 6 March 2020 with 19 previously unreleased tracks!

Cream Goodbye Tour - Live 1968 Box Set

Cream’s ‘Goodbye Tour – Live 1968’ will be released as a 4CD special edition box set on 7th February 2020, bringing together 36 tracks including 19 previously unreleased tracks!

Recorded during Cream’s US farewell tour and final UK date in October & November 1968, this new expanded edition comprises three complete US concerts: Oakland Coliseum, Los Angeles Forum and San Diego Sports Arena, alongside London’s Royal Albert Hall.

“Cream was a shambling circus of diverse personalities who happened to find that catalyst together… So you put the three of us together in front of an audience willing to dig it limitlessly, we could have gone on forever… And we did…just going for the moon every time we played.”
– Eric Clapton

Want a sneak peek? Listen to the previously unreleased ‘Sunshine Of Your Love’, recorded live on 4th October 1968 at the Oakland Coliseum. Listen now…

Cream – Final Tour 1968: 4CD Boxset

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Release Date: 6 March 2020
Format: CD Box Set
Label: UMC – Polydor

UMC is delighted to announce a special edition of Cream’s album Goodbye, ‘Goodbye Tour – Live 1968’ for release in early 2020. This is the first authorised release of these four historic complete 1968 concerts. Each concert features previously unreleased tracks and the Royal Albert Hall show hasn’t featured on CD until now.

Having decided to call it quits whilst on tour in the US during May 1968 by way of a farewell Cream agreed to undertake more live shows, predominantly in the US later that same year plus 2 final UK dates at the Royal Albert Hall that November.

Originally released in Feb 1969, Goodbye originally mixed live performances from those last tour dates with a handful of studio recordings and rose to the UK no.1 slot and no.2 on the US Billboard. Goodbye Tour – Live 1968, as the name suggests expands the recordings from the 3-piece powerhouse’s last tour.

This historic collection was produced by Bill Levenson. The Oakland Coliseum, Los Angeles Forum and San Diego Sports Arena concerts were mastered from the original 1968 analog mix reels by Kevin Reeves at Universal Mastering, Nashville, TN. The Royal Albert Hall concert was mastered from the original 1968 analog transfer reels by Jason NeSmith at Chase Park Transduction, Athens, GA.

The set features 36 tracks of which 19 are issued for the first time.

Track Listings

Disc: 1
1. White Room (Oakland Coliseum)
2. Politician (Oakland Coliseum)
3. Crossroads (Oakland Coliseum)
4. Sunshine Of Your Love (Oakland Coliseum)
5. Spoonful (Oakland Coliseum)
6. Deserted Cities Of The Heart (Oakland Coliseum)
7. Passing The Time (Oakland Coliseum)
8. I’m So Glad (Oakland Coliseum)

Disc: 2
1. Introduction by Buddy Miles (Los Angeles Forum)
2. White Room (Los Angeles Forum)
3. White Room (Los Angeles Forum)
4. I’m So Glad (Los Angeles Forum)
5. Sitting On Top Of The World (Los Angeles Forum)
6. Crossroads (Los Angeles Forum)
7. Sunshine Of Your Love (Los Angeles Forum)
8. Traintime (Los Angeles Forum)
9. Toad (Los Angeles Forum)
10. Spoonful (Los Angeles Forum)

Disc: 3
1. White Room (San Diego Sports Arena)
2. Politician (San Diego Sports Arena)
3. I’m So Glad (San Diego Sports Arena)
4. Sitting On Top Of The World (San Diego Sports Arena)
5. Sitting On Top Of The World (San Diego Sports Arena)
6. Crossroads (San Diego Sports Arena)
7. Traintime (San Diego Sports Arena)
8. Toad (San Diego Sports Arena)
9. Spoonful (San Diego Sports Arena)

Disc: 4
1. White Room (Royal Albert Hall)
2. White Room (Royal Albert Hall)
3. I’m So Glad (Royal Albert Hall)
4. Sitting On Top Of The World (Royal Albert Hall)
5. Crossroads (Royal Albert Hall)
6. Toad (Royal Albert Hall)
7. Spoonful (Royal Albert Hall)
8. Sunshine Of Your Love (Royal Albert Hall)
9. Steppin’Out (Royal Albert Hall)

Cream Goodbye Tour Live 1968

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