A Tribute to Tieme: Roelof Meijering & Friends – Imperial Crowns
De Nieuwe Kolk, Assen
5 november 2016

Tekst en foto’s: Markus Hagner, Markus Hagner Photography.


It was a special evening in the stylish, to be feeling comfortable theatre De Nieuwe Kolk in Assen in honor of the much to early dying in 2012 music-passionate and concert-organizer TIEME VAN VEEN! He was one of the organizers of legendary Take Root Festival in Groningen in De Oosterpoort and in Café De Witte Bal In Assen. Jan Donkers was the host of the evening and conducting the intro-ceremony with a very spiritual chat with Tieme’s wife Cura and his son Barry. The spirit and holy-ash of Tieme was in the house!


It was a special distinction for Roelof Meijering & Friends to open the soirée. Roelof was not only the jam-session leader in De Witte Bal, but most important a very special friend to mister Van Veen. By his visual nature you can entitle him the Joe Walsh of the Netherlands. By his repertoire-songs you could spot immediately that he is a big devotee of legendary Stevie Ray Vaughan.


As the night-wolves & wolvines were keen to celebrate some hot dancing, Roelof was presenting “I Can’t Stand The Rain” & “You Sexy Thing” with a buckshot of blues. By the SRV-encore it was Barry, the son of Tieme to show his drumming-skills. Roelof Meijering & Friends did a great job to start the show and to heat up the pleasure-atmosphere.

After a break for some beers or whiskey it was finally time for the first reunion show on the occasion of their “The Calling – European Tour” of the iconic Imperial Crowns.



If you are keen to get to know why the guys from Los Angeles, California performed in Assen – they were also friends of Tieme and he was having them for a show at the DWB. From the very opener “I Gotta Right” from the new magnum opus specially the masterminds Jimmie Wood by his vocals to hoodoo, JJ Holiday specially by his slide and fingerpickin’ guitar, Billy Sullivan by his drum-virtuosities were puttin’ their spell on the fanatics. These had specially come to Assen to attend the extravaganza from all over Europe and even from South America. By the following “Kingsize Jones” De Nieuwe Kolk turned into a tollhouse. The soulful background vocals of the lovely daughter of Jimmie – Rachel C. Wood are an absolute live-enrichment.



The man for the low-tones in 2016 is the youngest member of the Avila musician-dynasty Danny Avila. Jimmie was enchanting his fans by his vocals from powerful to utmost sensual, his charismatic show-gestures and on top by his sensational blues-harp solos. TIC were “Preachin’ The Blues” by “Over The Rainbow” wizardry*****.
Play- and amusement-time was flyin’ by ever so rapidly and so after a very long set the final two top-titles “Star Of The West” & “Ramblin’ Woman” were concluding the regular set. By a loud-blast of thunderous applause the IC were returning on stage for their final highlight-ceremony “Altar Of Love”. The devotees had ecstasised, luminous eyes before leavin’ into the night or catching a souvenir-photo or autographs. The IC had given’ them everything they desired till exhaustion, specially Mister Wood.

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