The Doobie Brothers
Support: JD & The Straight Shot
TivoliVredenburg, Utrecht
6 November 2017

The Doobie Brothers are definitely one of the most iconical American Classic Rock groups with a musical spice up of blues-/country-, west-coast-rhythms. They had numerous charts-entries over there and two number one single-hits “Black Water” & “What A Fool Believes” . Off course worldwide they are most renowned by their radio-airplay-hit “Listen To The Music”. They are still big in the U.S. and so it was ever so surprising when their show at the stylish TivoliVredenburg (Utrecht) was announced, succeeding their last shows in Europe in 2010. The fans showed their appreciation to this and so there was announced “Sold Out” and the Grote Zaal of Tivoli was packed and all the devotional freaks eagerly awaiting a Magical Night By The Doobie Brothers!

Tekst en foto’s: Markus Hagner
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JD & The Straight Shot had the pleasure to amuse the fans as special guest. They started with “Never Alone”. This great ballad with a musical mélange to be described as “Americana meets Country & Irish Rhythms” and on top by the vocals a buckshot of soul & gospel electrified the audience immediately and they loved to gossip along with the band. The leader Jim Dolan was a barnstorming singer and bard as storyteller as intro to each song. On guitar there was Marc Copely; he had cooperated already with Roseanne Cash and B.B. King and is one of the leading singer/songwriters in Nashville. He contributed finest six-string therapies.

The most protruding member by extravagance solos and attractiveness was the fiddle-elfin Erin Slaver. Next was the flowery “Moonlight”, a song by the theme of “love & affection”, ideal for the wellness-spirit of the upcoming winter and Christmas time. “Run For Me” was spreading Irish charm in the Grote Zaal of Tivoli. JD & The Straight Shot concluded their set by “Shambala”. This was also the fiery highlight featuring a magical vocal duet by JD and Erin, escorted by multi-harmony vocals by the whole band, thunderous drums and bass and virtuoso violin wizardry.

By the A-capella outro with stomping rhythms there was rising a loud-blast of applause. JD & The Straight Shot a hot musical tip – Watch them out!

The Doobie Brothers started by the spiritual song by theme “Jesus Is Alright”. The classic rock first passage with most bewitching multi-harmony canto was turning into a bluesy affair with jazzy melody add-ons and there was a surprise to be visualized by his virtuoso keyboard-solos – no one less than Bill Payne of Little Feat is now being the tour keyboarder. By the final passage there was a rollin’jam. Tivoli was turned already into a hurricane tollhouse by the consecutive “Rockin’ Down The Highway”.

The masterminds Tom Johnston and Patrick Simmons manifested that they are besides being a powerful vocal-duet also masters of hellish hot axe-twirls. Marc Russo had his big saxophone time in the spot-light by the love-ballad “Dark Eyed Cajun Woman”. “Spirit” as following was a utmost special balladby its swampy Louisiana cajun-country-twang featuring John McFee as the maestro of fiddle. John & Pat performed a classical serenade on acoustic guitars by “Slat Key Soquel Rag”.

By so much diversion by all the great tunes time went by quicker than quick, but the joyful, sensitive celebration of “Black Water” became the absolute culmination of the entire show. By the rockn’ rollin’ and tumblin’ China Groove” the official set was ended. Ed Toth on drums and John Cowan on bass were the groovy masters of rhythm.

By an infernal-loud-wire of applause The Doobie Brothers were hailed back on stage again for the first encore “Without You” with a shiny axe-jam. One song of course was red-hot awaited by the freaks and The Doobie Brothers kicked out the jams as final hellish-hot blowoff of their gig by “Listen To The Music”. The show could have been continued by passion of band and audience for hours but this was it for this hot night!

The Doobie Brothers – Live @ TivoliVredenburg – Definitely One Of The Most Starry Live Shows Holland Had The Glory Of In 2017!

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