G3 – Joe Satriani, John Petrucci & Uli Jon Roth
Oosterpoort, Groningen
31 maart 2018

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G3 2018 – The renowned festival for axe-lovers was featuring also in 2018 off course the 1986 founder and mastermind Joe Satriani. John Petrucci was added to the 2018 line-up and on top Uli Jon Roth for the European leg of the tour. Incomprehensibly the Grote Zaal of Groningen’s top venue De Oosterpoort was only filled at a third of its possible spectators figure. Nevertheless the present freaks were hot for the artists promising so much guitar-style-diversity.

Uli Jon Roth hit the stage at point 7.30 pm with his fantastic and road-tested band featuring Niklas Turmann on guitar and lead-vocals, David Klosinsky on guitar, Corvin Bahn on keyboards, Nico Deppisch on bass and drummer Michael Ehré. The master of the Sky Guitar is also an avowed classic-devotee , so he started with his mélange-opus of classical and hard-rockin’ music “Sky Overture”.

It is ever and ever stunning again to see maestro Roth celebrate his utmost virtuoso solos live. As lead-guitarist and member of the Scorpions in their utmost creative time he was playing some early masterpieces starting by “Sun In My Hand” til “The Sails Of Charon”. Uli was not the mere dominator on stage, all his band members, specially David and Corvin were able to manifest their instrumental versatilities. Niklas as lord of chant was highly illustrious, far better than the original singer Meine nowadays. “Earthquake” was the grand final from his very first solo album. Uli Jon Roth and band were farewelled by thunderous applause.

Specially to emphasize was in which short time the technicians managed to reconstruct the stage for each artist. Great job!

Next was John Petrucci with Dave LaRue on bass and even Mike Mangini on drums. John and band-mates devoted their set to the theme “Full Power Pedal By The Metal”. No Dream Theater Songs, only songs from John’s solo work “Suspended Animation”, except the unreleased “Happy Song”. This was his song specially for the guitar maniacs in the house. Unbelievably which shredding ceremony he celebrated; ear- and eye-blowing!

Mike manifested also on a smaller drum-kit, what georgeous and unique stick-twirler he is. He and Dave were absolute rhythm-monsters. Each song was frenetically acclaimed; specially by the metal-heads.

By the smiling faces and fiery eyes of John, Dave and Mike all fans got aware of their live passion. The very melodious “Glasgow Kiss” by the intro part going over to a wild and hellacious hot jam was the end of the too short show for many to be jubilated.

Joe Satriani started his show by “Energy”. He was shaped in a silhouette like a blue ghost as intro, before the brighter than day spotlights illuminated him and his silver Ibanez guitar. He really needed to wear shiny sunglasses to protect his eyes, haha. Joe was utmost good humored during his whole show, talking and joking with his beloved and even dancing over the stage.

He was escorted again by his longtime friends and mates Bryan Beller on bass, Mike Keneally on guitar and keyboards and Joe Travers on drums. The highlight was a orgasmatronic guitar-duel between Mike and Joe, hot and weird.

By the second track “Catbot” also from the new album “What Happens Next” Joe was manifesting why he is such a diversified six-string-daredevil by style. By this tune he was gettin’ funky and his rhythm-armada war utmost groovy.

By the consecutive “Satch Boogie” he was Mister “Speed-Finger” by his play-technique. By his solo-gimmicks all the shredding-freaks ware getting fiery eyes. By “Cataclysmic” Joe was celebrating his kind of blues. By the blues’n-roller “Summer Song” the general set was at its end.

But hey, off course this was not the end, the best was yet to come! A murderous three-song jam! Uli Jon and Niklas hit the stage again to kick ass by a murderous version of “Highway Star”. Niklas was the wizard of chant. He sang ever so powerful to keep the lord of the pandemonium away from the jam-mates and his soul.

The solo-threesome by all three maestros was phenomenal and so electrifying as all three have a different vein. As Jimi Hendrix is a fave and hero for all “All Along The Watchtower” was the homage to him. Uli’s voice was perfect to be the lead-vocalist by it.

By “Immigrant song” Niklas let his voice explode again and mister Satriani who admires him since the tour-start handed him over his guitar for a solo. Vowie! De Oosterpoort was burning and imaginary the roof was blown off. THE END – THE HURRICANE WAS OVER!

Hopefully the best show of the European tour will be published also on live blu-ray; dvd & cd!

The only negativity as resume was that both starting artists were only celebrating approx a set of 45 minutes and Satriani only about an hour of solo playtime, but off course it’s a festival…


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