Calexico & Gaby Moreno
De Oosterpoort, Groningen
1 november 2015

Tekst en foto’s door Markus Hagner, Markus Hagner Photography

Calexico are again on tour in fall 2015 in promotion of their acclaimed cd ‘Edge Of The Sun’ to eliminate all depressive feelings and the lugubriousness of cold, foggy, dark days & nights by their gorgeous melodies and to bring back by them the sunshine-happiness at least for some hours. Special Guest by their desert-roadshows was again Gaby Moreno as on their album. It was a big pleasure when the show was relatively shortly announced and added on their tour-schedule for De Oosterpoort in Groningen and specially on Halloween Eve 2015!


Gaby Moreno entered solo the stage into the spotlight with her acoustic guitar. She was dressed the sixities-style with a flowery hair-ribbon simply in black, but when she started to sing and fingerpick her six-string she was to hoodoo by her aura. She made the stars and the moon shine by closed eyes absorbed in your music dreams. Absolute top notch of her set was Blues Del Mar with its most beautiful mélange of bluesy-jazzy-rock’n rollin’ tunes. Her timbre by it was first very soft and cajoling but in the middle there was like an explosion and it got quite wild and heavier. Additionally enchanting was the Spanish lyrics. Her show-passage was a triumphal loud-blast and the tiny, little lady, but voluminous by her stunning canto could have played on for hours.


By a look in the audience there was no devils or zombies to be discovered, but when Calexico entered the stage there was the big Halloween surprise aha-effect. All band members had sugar skull makeup and Joey Burns as the leader of the pack saluted the fans with “Happy Halloween”. By the start by Minas De Cobre with its beautiful Mexican melodies Calexico put a spell on everybody and the flame of passion was to blaze brightly. The virtuoso multi-instrumentalists Jacob Valenzuela and Martin Wenk on trumpets were contributing this very intense Mariachi sound. What a glorious start to this Night Of The Dead celebration*****

Maestro Burns was utmost good-humored, teasing his fans to imitate wolfs and coyotes-cries and very talky about his youth experiencies of the ghosts-night. By the consecutive Falling From The Sky by its phantasmagorical sounds with a pop-rock attitude the little saloon was resembling a house of joy. The band from Tucson, Arizona was in the mood for some tex-mex-latino-rock’n roll by Cumbia De Donde and no feet were standing still by the hot percussion rhyhthms of John Convertino on drums and bass-grooves of Ryan Alfred. By Dead Moon it was tex-mex blues-time. Joey was the magician on canto to create together with his band mates by the sensitive melodies a spooky, horror-beautiful atmosphere. By Mile From The Sea the now rouged dead-flower-girl Gaby Moreno entered again the stage to add some female sweetness to the sugary melodies. By Alone Again Or she proved the glamorous style that she was loving also to rock playing an e-guitar together with the Calexico deadheads. The stompy desert-rocker Puerto with a flavored bossa-nova tequila-shot was concluding the regular set.


De Oosterpoort was a tollhouse and by the fan applause thunderstorm the party was not over yet. The encores started by Fortune Teller. The real show-highlights were celebrated by the blues-rockin’ Beneath The City Of Dreams with Gaby again on stage and a stunning guitar solo by maestro Jairo Zavala. By Laisse Tomber Les Filles Lady Moreno was to seduce again by her charm on lead-vocals. By Follow The River the musicos left the stage again. Overwhelmed by the call of the ghosts Calexico hailed on stage again for a grand-final medley of Roll Tango, Wash & Deep Down and to make their devotees shake and rattle & roll their bones a last time.

Calexico’s hellish hot Halloween Party 2015 was over! Viva Los Muertos!








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