Beth Hart
Support act: Simo
Modernes, Bremen (DE)
7 December 2015

Beth Hart concludes synonymously her utmost successful “Better Than Home – Year 2016” on tour and off course also in her beloved Europe. This Monday nite she was to host the stylish, beautiful by acoustics former cinema Modernes in Bremen. It was one of these rare, intimate shows again, as the venue has only a capacity of 800 visitors. No Christmas Carols, but pure Blues-Gospel-Rock Power!

Words and photo’s by Markus Hagner, Markus Hagner Photography

Simo from Nashville, Tennessee were the stunning special guest. The guys are utmost entrepreneurial these days, first the tour with blues-legend Walter Trout and tonite alive & kickin’ with Lady Beth. The audience was most 40plus by age and seemed to be part of the nowadays calmer generation. But surprisingly by the first tunes of the opener “AOH” they were hooked immediately and enchanted by the wild mix of blues-rock with stoner and psychedelic elements. By Adam Abrashoff on drums and Elad Shapiro on bass there was a dynamite rhythm-section. The fusion was like a bow to the godly Jimi Hendrix Experience. JD Simo was celebrating fiery slide- and six-string axe attacks and his lead-chant was a power-blast. They concluded their stunning show by their obeisance to Joe Cocker by “With A Little Help From My Friends”. The hot, far too short set was over and Simo were to bid farewell by thunderous applause. Watch out for them live again in 2016!


Beth Hart entered as styled “Lady In Black” with her superb band the stage. When she intonated the first tunes of “Spirit Of God” there was to arise by the intro a storm of passion by her bluesy piano-plays and her soulful chant. The Modernes turned immediately into a tollhouse by the developing jam. Beth was so overwhelmed again by the devotee love and very communicative and graceful. It was amazing to watch by ”Might As Well Smile” how specially one guy in his fifties by age was regenerated to youth again, wildly dancing, singing and shaking his body to the reggae rhythms. By “Well Well” it was dueling axe-time by her fantastic guitarreros Jon Nichols and especially PJ Barth. After so much heat, BH was granting her freaks a tune of relaxation by the vaudeville blues “Your Heart Is As Black As Night”. “Ugliest House On The Block” was celebrated acoustically and Beth proved that she is versatile as well on the stringer…



St. Theresa” can be entitled the top-highlight as live song, by its sensitiveness in lyrics. It is her declaration of affection to her mother and a convertion of her past way of life. Beth had to stop by emotion her performance, as she was soughing by the overwhelming thoughts that overcame her and had to restart the second passage. The musical ride over the rainbow was concluded by “Trouble” by the regular set. Off course by the stormy applause Hart and her band-mates were to come back for the encores. BH always is good for a surprise and so she changed the intended set-list and was to present “Chocolate Jesus” like a little sweetie for the time of advent. Afterwards she was discussing with her fellows which song to play next and her decision was for “Bang Bang Boom Boom”, like her special bye-bye crooner… But hey, she did not count on her fans, the solid ground in the Modernes was shakin’… Beth was so overwhelmed that she had one more and it was the calm ballad “As Long As I Have A Song” with her ever so charming, seductive voice and the kind of classical piano solos. Her loving way to send home her fans in peace. She called her fellas on stage again for the final applause-thunders and a bow-down to the fans. Another special soirée of live music at its best by Beth Hart as grace was over.




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