Chip Taylor – Whiskey Salesman
Format: CD+ Bonus DVD – Digital
Label: Trainwreck Records – Continental Record Services
Releasedatum: 19 juni 2019

The Hitman is back…..well, maybe he was never far away. But the writer of hits like Angel of the Morning, Son of a Rotten Gambler, Try (Just a Little Bit Harder), The Baby,  I Can’t Let Go, Storybook Children and many more has scored big time lately with his F*ck All The Perfect People after it appeared in  Netflix’ Sex Education.

There’s just so much to say about Chip’s songwriting that you’d almost forget that he is still putting out great albums that get a great reception at media and fans. And here’s another one. ‘Whiskey Salesman’, Chip’s latest in a remarkable string of recent albums, is at once both personal and universal.  It is an album filled with timeless, intimate love songs – poignant, meditative odes to life.  And drinking (in moderation) songs.

Their spirit is perhaps best captured by the videos Taylor has created for each and every song (included on a DVD).  Filmed at his own apartment and local bar, and starring his wife and friends, Taylor welcomes everyone in to his warm, heartfelt world.

01. Whiskey Salesman
02. Hold Her
03. I Love You Today
04. Some Hearts
05. Naples
06. A Sip Or Two Of Good Scotch
07. Whiskey Dreams
08. Turn The Clock Back Again
09. I Like Ridin´
10. See The Good Side Of The Guy
11. In The Stillness Of The Night

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