Het nieuwe album van Studebaker John is zojuist verschenen op het Avantie Records label. Hierbij het originele persbericht.


Avanti Records is proud to announce the release of a brand new album by Studebaker John, master slide guitarist and blues harpist.  Waiting on the Sun seamlessly incorporates the traditional with the modern, and utilizes a diverse musical pallet, including Chicago blues, boogie, swamp, swing, and even Latin groove. Waiting on the Sun was recorded with frequent Studebaker John touring partners, bassist Bob Halaj, and drummer Paul Ashford.  The album also features the work of young Polish keyboard wiz, Bartek Szopinski, who is a member of Studebaker John’s European touring band.

Waiting on the Sun contains nearly 80 minutes of all original, highly accessible guitar and harmonica blues and rock.  Simply not content to make the same album over and over again, Studebaker John’s Waiting on the Sun is a breathtaking sunrise of different musical elements.  Combining, for the first time, slide guitar with Latin rhythms, raw blues grooves, rock and roll, and improvised jams with a touch of jazz that mix together perfectly to give the listener a CD of artistic integrity….in other words, “fun”.

01) “Down at the Bottom” –
Studebaker kicks off the album with a high energy Latinesque rocker — “Down at the bottom, I looked up to see my shoes.”
02) “She Just Won’t Roll” –
Mid-tempo shuffle about a temptress who’s on a different page than you are
03) “Every Night is a Saturday Night” –
Hypnotic organ and guitar power this fantasy about a life of release
04) “Hell to Pay” –
A jaunt to New Orleans with a cow bell, a chorus of “woo”s, and a great harp outro
05) “Partner in Crime” –
A rollicking piano is the right partner for Studebaker’s stinging slide lead
06) “Nothing but the Rain” –
About how life doesn’t always give us the props we deserve, this song features a memorable hook and tasty organ
07) “Natural Born Boogie” –
Studebaker’s huge, swampy harmonica wail is the star of this tune
08) “Follow Your Soul” –
Studebaker switches between electric and acoustic guitar while exploring a soulful Latin groove.
09) “Tell Me So” –
A very fine example of Studebaker’s diatonic harp finesse
10) “Let It Roll On” – T
his song captures the rhythm of the road that’s known to every touring musician
11) “I’ll Be Rockin'” –
Driving blues rocker with propulsive guitar & harp
12) “Waiting on the Sun” –
This well-written Studebaker concert staple takes its rightful place as title track

Focus tracks: All; single version edits of tracks 1, 3, 4, 6, 8, and 12 have been serviced to radio

“John captures the raw energy and grit of the classic blues musicians but pumped up to a rocking energy level. He has a deep understanding of the blues tradition that comes from hanging with the classic Chicago bluesmen, but he’s created his own sound and style from these roots.”
— Bruce Iglauer (Alligator Records)

Studebaker John has never simply wanted to rehash blues classics. Throughout his career, he has striven to capture the creativity and emotional power of the genre’s masters by writing his own original blues.
— Daily Record

Dedicated to the vintage sounds of Chi-town in the golden age of the ’50’s on guitar and harp, he is no retro man recyling worn out standards. He makes original music that is both timeless and relevant.
— Guitar One Magazine

“It’s rare to hear a blues artist perform three sets of irresistible originals, and it’s even rarer for that artist to stay ‘in the zone’ from first song to last.” — Thomas J. Cullen, III (Blues Revue Magazine)

His raw amplified canonical work recalls past masters like Little Walter and Big Walter Horton, while his slide guitar style is descended from the styles of Elmore James and Hound Dog Taylor. On top of that Studebaker John is a powerful vocalist and talented songwriter. — Chicago Tribune

The album is available at record stores, e-tailers, such as www.amazon.com, or at the official Studebaker John website (www.studebakerjohn.com).  Better yet, go see Studebaker John when he performs near you, and pick up an autographed copy. Check out the Studebaker John tour schedule at www.studebakerjohn.com/calendar

Studebaker John - Waiting on the sun ... (CD)

Please visit the website www.studebakerjohn.com for information.

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