Foto Carter Sampson - Lucky

Carter Sampson – Lucky
Format: CD – Vinyl
Label: Continental Record Services
Releasedatum: 25 mei 2018

Website: Carter Sampson

Carter Sampson burst onto the European alt-country/americana scene with the release of her 2016 album Wilder Side. It was immediately propelled into the Euro Americana Chart and ended up as the no. 3 album in the EAC year’s end list.

Since then her career has been steadily on the rise: 8 very successful European tours within 12 months brought her to Italy, Holland, Ireland and the United Kingdom and saw her conquer audiences at pop venues like Paradiso Amsterdam and renowned folk clubs but also bigger crowds at festivals like Maverick and Glastonbury in UK, Kilkenny Roots in Ireland, Naked Song and Take Root in the Netherlands and Buscadero Day or Accadia Blues in Italy.

By public demand, a compilation of previous albums was released in Europe which included her signature song “Queen Of Oklahoma” as the title track alongside all time favorites like “Be My Wild Wood Flower” and  “Sanctuary”.

All in all, Carter feels she’s “LUCKY” and, co-produced with Jason Scott, she now deliveres a wonderful album with that name. 7 mostly upbeat (co-)originals, including Rattlesnake Kate (an absolute crowd pleaser) and 3 well chosen covers. Shell Silverstein’s Queen of The Silver Dollar is a regular in Carter’s sets and Kalyn Fay’s Tulsafeels like a state anthem to proud Okies.

The album was recorded with a stellar cast of Okie-musicians like Kyle Reid, John Calvin Abney and Jared Tyler and shows the continuous  growth of this charming and talented Okie girl.

5 mei: In The Woods, Leusden
6 mei: De Amer, Amen
7 mei: Mr. Frits, Eindhoven
10 mei: Het Beest, Goes
11 mei: Junushof ,Wageningen
19 mei: Paradiso (external venue: Tuinzaal Noord), Amsterdam
20 mei: Luxor Live, Arnhem
21 mei: Parelsessies, Zuilen
22 mei: Blue Room, Den Bosch

As a pleasant surprise for vinyl lovers, she will also be bringing (apart from the new CD Lucky) a special compilation on LP, aptly called  A Wilder and Another Side .

Foto Carter Sampson - Lucky


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