Cameron Blake’s new album ‘Fear Not’ is a courageous and beautiful collection of songs that takes you on a journey to places far and wide, within and without. With an ensemble of nearly 50 musicians, the listener is transported into the story of the Tank Man in the Tiananmen Square protests of 1989 (Tiananmen Square), the struggle of a migrant fleeing across the border to a new life (The Only Diamond I Could Find), the complexity and brutality of a racially charged riot in Baltimore (Sandtown) and a vignette on the life of the late actor Philip Seymour Hoffman (Philip Seymour Hoffman). There’s a storybook quality to many of these songs with lyrics and melodies that recall a seemingly more sentimental time (Fools Gold, Moonlight On A String) highlighted by lush string arrangements, a girl choir and a jazz combo. However, these songs cannot be classified as neoclassical or part of any vintage revival. They embody a new vision.

‘Fear Not’ draws from Blake’s experiences both musically and personally. Originally a violinist, he received a Masters degree in performance from the Peabody Institute of Music in 2007. After a near breakdown from the rigors of his Conservatory training, Blake found a new freedom of expression in song writing and was inspired by the great 60’s folk troubadours. He also found a home in the Baltimore arts scene making music that was reflective of the city’s quirky mix of Southern hospitality, ‘Hon’ culture and the inescapable confrontation of systemic poverty.
He put his ear to the ground and honed his ability to tell a good story; once sleeping outside with the homeless, sitting next to John Waters in a dive bar and belting away in a storefront church into the early hours of the morning.

Cameron Blake – Fear Not
Format: CD
Label: Continental Song City – Continental Record Services
Releasedatum: 26 januari 2018

01. Fear Not
02. After Sally
03. The Only Diamond
04. Fool’s Gold
05. Queen Bee
06. Tiananmen Square
07. Old Red Barn
08. Moonlight On A String
09. Wailing Wall
10. Philip Seymour Hoffman
11. Sandtown
12. Monterey Bay

Website: Cameron Blake

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