We’re very pleased to announce the birth of ‘The Boom Band’, a collective of some of the very finest musicians to come out of the British Blues scene in recent times.

The band is the brain-child of guitarist Matt Taylor of The Motives and Snowy White Blues Project, and drummer Steve Rushton who you may have seen regularly playing with Imelda May and on Jeff Beck’s Rock’n’Roll Party. Matt and Steve did a few gigs together in 2012 and decided to get their own project together.

They managed to enlist the services of Jon Amor, Marcus Bonfanti and Mark Butcher on guitars and vocals, Paddy Milner on keys and vocals and Scott Wiber on bass. Yes that’s right, four guitarists!

There’s an album in the can following various sessions during the second half of 2014 and we’re hoping to release something by Spring. The material is an eclectic mix, with everybody contributing songs and sharing lead vocal duties. There is in parts a strong flavour of blues, southern rock, a healthy dose of country, funk and even a smattering of retro-pop! A first-class collection of tunes which were great fun to record and we’re very eager to get them out there for you good people to enjoy.

Watch the following sites for news of all things BOOM!


The Boom Band

Jon Amor – guitar/vocals
Mark Butcher – guitar/vocals
Marcus Bonfanti – guitar vocals
Paddy Milner – keyboards/vocals
Steve Rushton – drums/vocals
Matt Taylor – guitar/vocals
Scott Wiber – bass


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