Bo Diddley – ‘Have Guitar Will Tour’
2CD | label: Blues Boulevard | release datum : 12 Januari 2010

Foto Bo Diddley - Have Guitar Will Tour (2CD)

Bo Diddley was een sleutelfiguur in de overgang van Blues naar Rock & Roll, door de invoering van meer verschillende ritmes en z’n specifieke gitaar geluid. De eerste CD is o.a. met Dick Heckstall-Smith (Colosseum), Eric Bell (Thin Lizzy), terwijl de 2e CD de 25 meest invloedrijke tracks van Bo verzamelt.

Recorded live during the 1983 tour of Europe
01. Intro/Bo Diddley Vamp
02. Doctor Jekyll
03. Everleen
04. Don’t Know Where I’ve Been
05. You Can’t Judge A Book By The Cover
06. Roadrunner
07. I’m A Man
08. Mona (I Need You Baby)

Bo Diddley: Lead Guitar, Lead Vocals
Eric Bell: Guitar
Dick Heckstall-Smith: Saxophones
Dave “Munch” Moore: Keyboards
Keith Tillman: Bass Guitar
Stretch: Drums

Greatest Hits & Influential Tracks
01. Bo Diddley
02. I’m A Man
03. Diddley Daddy
04. Who Do You Love
05. Pretty Thing
06. Diddy Wah Diddy
07. Mona (I Need You Baby)
08. Before You Accuse Me
09. Hey Bo Diddley
10. Say Boss Man
11. Say Man
12. Bring It To Jerome
13. She’s Fine, She’s Mine
14. You Don’t Love Me
15. I’m Bad
16. Cops And Robbers
17. Down Home Special
18. I’m Looking For A Woman
19. O Yeah
20. Willie And Lillie
21. The Story Of Bo Diddley
22. Roadrunner
23. Crackin’ Up
24. Don’t Let Go (Hold On To What You Got)
25. Run Diddley Daddy

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