At the ripe age of 81, most of us sit back and relax. Not so blues and gospel musician Leo Welch from Bruce in northeast Mississippi. He just released his very first album, Sabougla Voices. Good things come to those who wait, but 81 years is a long time by any standard. Leo Welch’s first recording, authentic Mississippi gospel blues with a hill country bent just hit the market this week. It’s produced by the label Big Legal Mess, an imprint of Oxford-based Fat Possum Records.

Foto Bluesman Leo Welch Releases First Album at Age 81

“You know all the blues guys… we worked with the best of the blues guys in this area and there’s just… all of them a dead basically. There’s not anymore left. And I really thought we’d never make another blues record. And, you know, he showed up in my office and it was like, ‘Yeah, we’re making another blues record.’ “

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