Blues Pills announce Holy Moly!

new single Low Road launched now

Swedish rockers Blues Pills will release their third album Holy Moly! on June 19th via Nuclear Blast and have recently released their rocking new single “Low Road.”

It’s a roaring slice of garage rock that flies high with some bluesy classic rock influences that the band deliver with a ferocious intent that hits home in all the right ways.



The band explains: “We wrote ‘Low Road’ about being your own worst enemy. About running from your own demons only to realize that you can’t, because the problem is inside of yourself. ‘Low Road’ is maybe one of the heaviest songs we’ve ever written, filled with the brutalness of the human mind, that can be both vicious and lost. Everybody has probably found themselves fumbling in the dark at some point in life. And with ‘Low Road’ there is no way out. We love playing this song live, because it’s just raw, balls to the wall rock power. Hopefully this can be a relief for a moment in this wicked world.

With the video for ‘Low Road’ we just wanted to express ourselves live and add some humor to this raw tune putting ourselves in a twisted surreal TV-show. And in some way it’s to honor some of our heros from the 60s-70s era of rock’n’roll where we got the inspiration from. THE BEATLES, JEFFERSON AIRPLANE, THE DOORS, MC5, THE ROLLING STONES to mention a few. The ones who did something to break down the barriers. Imagine, to be the ones taking the first steps opening up the world to heavier rock music. We love them for that.”

Blues Pills
Holy Moly!

Label: Nuclear Blast
Release date: 19 June 2020


1.Proud Woman
2.Low Road
3.Dreaming My Life Away
5.Rhythm In The Blood
7.Kiss My Past Goodbye
8.Wish I’d Known
9.Bye Bye Birdy
10.Song From A Mourning Dove
11.Longest Lasting Friend

Limited Black/Gold Splatter LP
Disc 1
Side A:
1.Proud Woman
2.Low Road
3.Dreaming My Life Away
5.Rhythm In The Blood

Side B:
.Kiss My Past Goodbye
2.Wish I’d Known
3.Bye Bye Birdy
4.Song From A Mourning Dove
5.Longest Lasting Friend

Limited Green Vinyl 10” E.P.
2.Astral Plane
3.Devil Man
4.Little Sun
+ Art Print, Patch, Sticker



The history of BLUES PILLS can seem simple. The rock quartet formed in the Midwest in late 2011 by the bands songwriters Zack Anderson and Elin Larsson went straight from playing at dirty, crowded bars to play at some of the biggest festivals such as Download, Rock am Ring and Wacken Open Air. A true success story. Or? Not really.

Under the layers of heavy psychedelic blues-rock and Elin Larsson’s soulful and powerful voice, the core of BLUES PILLS has always been the restless search for change. Change in the human mind and the musical influences they embraced themselves with, from blackened soul to the trippy rides through 60s garage rock music and the devils blues. During their break, BLUES PILLS has been through some kind of reincarnation. A reincarnation that lead to the new self-produced and recorded album “Holy Moly!” mixed by Grammy Award winning Andrew Scheps (RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS, IGGY POP, ADELE, BLACK SABBATH, RIVAL SONS, HOZIER a.o.) to be released on June 19 th , 2020.

If you were blazed by heaviness of their first self-titled album, and tripped to the psychedelic soul of “Lady In Gold” (#1 Germany) you won’t be immune to the effects of this third dose of the pills. Empowered by the definition of a cool bass player Kristoffer Schander, their banana-loving drummer André Kvarnström, Elin Larssons haunting voice and Zack Anderson now on lead guitar the band has gone back to their roots. Back to the raw power of rock’n’roll and blues with a pinch of soul. During the bands short break they built their own studio, Lindbacka Sounds, in an old factory in the rural area of Närke, weden and filled it up with analog recording equipment, and their own personal demons haunting them in their sleep. Exhausted and empty after the long years of touring all over the world they went back to basics, and the last years of highs and lows lead to a more autobiographical album. Elin, Zack and André spent most of their waking hours writing songs, ecording and changing. Over and over, until they were all completely satisfied. And now they’re back and ready to give the world another helping of their heavy rockin’ tunes.

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