3 Rory Gallagher albums that were still missing from the Music On Vinyl catalogue are now added: Stage Struck, Defender & Fresh Evidence.



Although this is the third live album of Rory Gallagher, Stage Struck proves that no live recording of Rory and his trio ever got boring and as they were simply never the same. This album captures him on a grinding world tour in 1979 and 1980, pumping out blues-rockers with requisite aggression in cities all around the world as San Francisco, Melbourne, Paris and Los Angeles. The material on this release is from his classic albums Calling Card

[MOVLP623], Photo-Finish [MOVLP624] and Top Priority [MOVLP625].

Backed by his fierce as ever rhythm section of Gerry McAvoy on bass and Ted McKenna on drums there is no doubt that Rory & Co. we’re ever trying to present a subtle set for music listeners. Opener “Shin Kicker” continued by Wayward Child set the mood for this high tempo album and as this release might sounds more rushed than the other two live albums, incendiary riffs, groovy organ hooks and intense vocals gives you the feeling of being one of the front row fans at a concert of this guitar legend.

180 gram audiophile vinyl
Printed innersleeve
Includes bonus track “Bad Penny”

Side One

Shin Kicker (Live)
Wayward Child (Live)
Brute Force And Ignorance (Live)
Moonchild (Live)
Bad Penny (Live) (bonus track)

Side Two

Follow Me (Live)
Bought And Sold (Live)
The Last Of The Independents (Live)
Shadow Play (Live)Side Two



It never took Rory Gallagher a longer time to release a new album. Five years after Jinx [MOVLP626], seemingly an eternity, Defender was released. Although it took so long, the quality of this Blues-Rock offering is equal to his stellar ’70s albums like Top Priority [MOVLP625] and Photo-Finish [MOVLP624].

Album opener “Kickback City” could be a song from hairy rockers Bad Company with heavy pounding guitars, but also “Failsafe Day” as well as “Road To Hell” are by-the-book-crunch-rockers. The blazing riff in “Continental Op,” and the swampy, less abrasive “Ain’t No Saint” complete this amazing but unfortunately less ‘hyped’ albums. This is a must-have for real Rory Gallagher fans!

180 gram audiophile vinyl
Printed innersleeve

Side One

Kickback City
Loanshark Blues
Continental Op
I Ain’t No Saint
Failsafe Day

Side Two

Road To Hell
Doing Time
Smear Campaign
Don’t Start Me To Talkin’
Seven Days



Fresh Evidence is Rory Gallagher’s eleventh and last studio album. The album was unusual in that Gallagher used more additional musicians and spent more time recording than he normally did.

The songs on this album show his love for blues artists such as Robert Johnson and Son House and for other genres as well (King Of Zydeco is a song about the legendary Clifton Chenier).

The album explores themes of ill health, mortality, and fighting back against overwhelming odds. It shows the toll that Gallagher’s health problems were starting to take on him.

180 gram audiophile vinyl
Printed innersleeve

Side One

Kid Gloves
The King Of Zydeco
Middle Name
Empire State Express

Side Two

Ghost Blues
Heaven’s Gate
The Loop
Walkin’ Wounded
Slumming Angel

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