BJØRN BERGE – Blackwood

Format: CD / Label: DixieFrog / Release: 26 september 2011

Op deze cd heeft Bjorn heel veel plezier in het demonstreren van zijn ongelofelijke virtuositeit bij het bespelen van de 12-string gitaar
en de snelle slide. Een sneltrein die onstuimig raast, geladen met enkele covers –Sleepy John Estes, Joni Mitchell-, maar die ook de nieuwe lijnen van de eigen composities volgt.

01 In & Out
02 Once Again
03 Accused
04 Going To Brownsville
05 Blackwood
06 Woodstock
07 Sick ‘N Tired
08 Same Old Fool
09 Blues For One
10 Those Days
11 Darkness

Concerten Bjorn Berge
5 nov. 2011 : Tilburg – Paradox
6 nov. 2011 : Amsterdam – Paradiso

Blackwood – Press Release

Bjorn Berge will release his new album “BLACKWOOD” in September/October in Europe and North America. On this album he’s back to his “roots” again, which means an acoustic blend of Folk, Blues, Rock and Funky songs.

“Bjorn Berge is an acoustic genius. The Norwegian singer can move mountains with his acoustic guitars, he can outplay the hardest metalheads and raise an enormous amount of energy. His repertoire ranges from his own powerful songs to smashing cover versions, which are much more than standard versions of old hits thanks to Berge’s brutish voice and extremely dynamic guitar technique. Although this statement is only partial true: Despite all this, Berge’s music is always catchy and soulful. His concerts are definitely THE acoustic guitar event of this decade.”

Bjorn Berge has been playing guitar and banjo since he was 13 years old and since then he has been interested in music and playing. During his career he’s earned a reputation for being an outstanding guitarist. His “fingerpicking style” is at a unique level and has made him a popular performer on the European arena, as well as concerts in Canada and the United States. Some will say in the top league in the world:

He started his own bluegrass band in the mid 80′s, but now for the last 15 years he has been fully occupied with his solo career as a guitarist and to cultivate and explore the possibilities of playing 6 – and 12-string guitar. He has released nine albums so far, of which 2 has given him the Norwegian Grammy “Spellemannsprisen”.

On this new album, Berge has written all the songs himself, except two. Musically, he goes a little more back to the roots and it’s on a natural path from his previous album “Fretwork” from 2009.

For the last 7-8 years, he’s made Europe as his playground, which involves numerous days of travel. He’s a frequent guest of the major jazz-, blues- and guitar-festivals around. His music is difficult to categorize as he combines multiple musical genres, but mainly he’s in the folk-/blues segment, interspersed with elements from such rock and funk. He performs for the most originals, but he also makes his own interpretations and versions of songs from artists/bands like Red Hot Chili Peppers, John Butler Trio, Joni Mitchell and Motorhead to name a few.

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