Beth Hart to release new album “Better Than Home” in April 2015!

Grammy© Award-nominated blues-rocker Beth Hart, highly revered for her visceral vocals and dynamic range, is set to release her new studio album entitled Better Than Home in April 2015. For more than 2 decades, Hart has been leveling audiences around the globe with her impassioned live performances and disarming songwriting. Better Than Home is her most profound body of work to date, pulling listeners into its beautiful depths in the way that only Hart can do.

Hart’s most introspective and compelling album yet, Better Than Home peels back the intimate layers of her personal pain to not only examine them but transform them into something empowering and insightful. It has been no secret over the years that Hart’s greatest wealth of inspiration has come from intense periods of struggle in her life, from the loss of her sister to AIDS, to drug use and family strife, to an eventual bipolar diagnosis that was both frightening and liberating. The ultimate conqueror, Hart bounced back at full creative strength prepared to own and share her story.

On the title song “Better Than Home” we meet a migrating soul, face to face with her maker. “Mechanical Heart” is a powerful love song to Hart’s husband of 15 years, vowing that she will find a way to give him all that he deserves despite her emotional limitations. “Tell Her You Belong To Me” is one of the most personal songs for Hart, sung from the perspective of a daughter when her father remarries. Some levity is brought to the album with the track “You Might As Well Smile,” a reminder to not take things too seriously.

Beth Hart - Better Than Home - Album Trailer

BETH HART – Better Than Home

Label: Provogue Records
Release date: 13 April 2015

List of songs:
01 Might As Well Smile
02 Tell ‘Em To Hold On
03 Tell Her You Belong To Me
04 Trouble
05 Better Than Home
06 St. Teresa
07 We’re Still Living In The City
08 The Mood That I’m In
09 Mechanical Heart
10 As Long As I Have A Song
11 Mama This One’s For You (bonus)*

* Only available on deluxe limited edition CD and vinyl

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