Hard Times feat Steve Lukather from the new Supersonic Blues Machine studio album “Californisoul“. Listen now!

Fabrizio Grossi
“Hard Times” is the true soundtrack of what’s going on today in our lives. Collectively, we are empowered to navigate The world as it gets more confusing and lost by the hour, and whoever is supposed to make things better, is actually doing quite the opposite – but if we made it this far, for how hard that it is, it will not be a problem: “bring it on, this guy here can handle it!!! But not before you stop punishing yourself for what you are, for how good you are, for how much good you did and will do, and for how much more determination you have when everybody else around is shutting you down! While, musically , this song is a voyage! It’s like a meditation session with all his transitions and thoughts deconstructed that culminate in the final release….and Luke is the therapist guiding us thru it! It could not have been another brother doing this with SBM , since together we fought so many similar battles thoroughout the years . As a songwriter and a producer I consider this amongst the best music I’ve ever put my hands on, and as a friend….well just listen to Luke tearin’ it up, and you’ll understand why I love him so much! It goes beyond the notes!”

Steve Lukather
“Fabrizio, Kenny and I go way back and have played together many times. I love and respect all the guys involved and I love playing a little blues. This was a no brainer. I was honored to be asked to be a small part of this cool band. Hope I get too play live again too”
Luke 2017″