DeWolff announce new album Love, Death & In Between

DeWolff are not a band to sit still. They thrive on constant motion. From psychedelic southern rock warriors to emissaries of soul. They’ve released five albums in the last four years, and their new one Love, Death & In Between will be out early 2023.

Love, Death & In Between is a reaction to their previous two studio albums. Tascam Tapes, which was recorded on the road with a four-track cassette recorder from the 1980s and the socially distanced recording of Wolffpack.

The lightning strike moment for Love, Death & In Between came when singer/guitarist Pablo van de Poel attended a sermon in Al Green’s church in Memphis, Tennessee. He was profoundly moved by the musical experience, and wanted to create new songs that fit that vibe, almost like a religious experience.

DeWolff – Heart Stopping Kinda Show (Official Music Video)

“For this, we wanted to do something with people, as many people as possible,” says Pablo. Recording live to tape, with no overdubs, brothers Pablo (guitar/vocals) and Luka van de Poel (drums/vocals) alongside Robin Piso (Hammond/Wurlitzer) were joined by a host of friends for the recordings.

Love, Death & In Between will be released digitally, on CD, vinyl and a limited vinyl box set. Pre-orders from the Mascot Webstore will be signed by DeWolff.

DeWolff - Love, Death & In Between (album cover)


Love, Death & In Between

Formats: digitally, CD, vinyl and a limited vinyl box set
Label: Mascot Label Group
Release: 3 February 2023

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A1. Night Train
A2. Heart Stopping Kinda Show
A3. Will o’ the Wisp
A4. Jacky Go To Sleep
B1. Rosita
C1. Mr. Garbage Man
C2. Counterfeit Love
C3. Message For My Baby
C4. Gilded (Ruin of Love)
D1. Pure Love
D2. Wontcha Wontcha
D3. Queen of Space & Time

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